Yoga for Athletes

The  Yoga for Athletes program is designed integrate the practice of yoga into your daily schedule and current routine to meet your specific needs as an athlete.  Whether that is to improve overall joint mobility – which I define as a combination of strength and stability through the joint’s full range of motion, to restore and enhance recovery, to learn how to identify imbalances before they turn into injury, or learn advanced meditation and breathing techniques to increase performance.

We will work to design your program by reviewing your practice and game schedule, current warm-up and cool down routines, workouts, your unique physical build and structure, and injury history. By customizing a program based your individual body, sport and position, Yoga for Athletes helps improve your individual performance through building resilience to injury, better balance, increased stability, proprioception and mind-body awareness.

Yoga for Athletes also incorporates a mindfulness and meditative practice. As an athletes, you know how important the mental aspect of the game is, yet very few actually carve out the time to practice this mental piece. A strong mindfulness practice will work to improve mental preparation, performing under pressure, staying present in the moment, bouncing back from slumps, recovering from injury and all other mental hurdles you face as high performing athletes.

Send me a message to set up a consultation and customize your own Yoga for Athletes program.